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Bradford Council’s Responsibility to Save our Iconic Cinema


Bradford Odeon – The City Of Film’s Beloved Landmark

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Bradford Odeon is one of the last 1930s art deco supercinemas in the UK, and the largest. It was bought with public money and stands in a conservation area in the heart of the city, complementing the listed Alhambra theatre next door. Bradford has a history of development failure, knocking down Victorian buildings and letting developers leave holes in the city. Since the building was marked for demolition, Bradford has become the world’s first UNESCO City of Film. Against public wishes and under increasingly suspicious circumstances, the Odeon was marked for demolition to build a glass office and apartment block called New Victoria Place. The owners of the Odeon are the Homes and Communities Agency, who will hand the building over to be demolished by developer Langtree if Langtree can sign up tenants for New Victoria Place within the next eight months. If Langtree fail to sign up tenants, the Odeon will come back to the Council and could be saved as part of a more sensitive and culture-led regeneration of the city.

One of only two UNESCO Cities of Film in the world

This is NOT just a local issue


Jonathan Foyle

Broadcaster, writer, CEO of World Monuments Fund Britain

Jonathan Foyle is Chief Executive of World Monuments Fund Britain, the UK arm of a global charity, which has achieved great success in securing imperiled architectural sites for future generations. He is 100% behind our campaign to have this amazing cinema restored, in this “The City Of Film”

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