Bradford Odeon

Bradford Odeon is the last 1930s supercinema in the UK. The largest outside London when built. It is right in the heart of the world’s first UNESCO City of Film, is public owned, and stands in a conservation area.

All original parties in the contract to demolish Bradford Odeon and build the unpopular replacement New Victoria Place have gone into administration, are going into administration right now, or have been dissolved.

Bradford Odeon is now owned by the Homes and Communities Agency, who are refusing to let a new developer buy and refurbish Bradford Odeon because they think only ‘a very small number’ of people in Bradford want to see it restored.

Please contact Naz Parkar at the Homes and Communities Agency to tell him if you are one of the number who want our Odeon saved. We will then request from them the information about how many of you have contacted him.

It took only support from 2853 members of the Bradford public to justify our new £28million City Park.

Restoring Bradford Odeon does not have to come out of our pockets, and we do not need to hear how expensive it would be to save. There are developers waiting to take care of that, if our Council leader and the Homes and Communities Agency will let them.



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